About the Hub

Our vision is a world where each person is encouraged to find their own unique way to contribute creatively to the shared challenges we face; with respect and appreciation for the different ways in which we can work towards a better world.

Our purpose is to offer a welcoming space for connection and conversation on climate change, where:

  1. people can connect with others, and explore their thoughts and feelings without pressure to agree with a particular perspective nor to sign up with a particular organization;

  2. we can exchange information and resources, and  learn about various local, national, and international initiatives currently underway;

  3. those actively involved with this issue can offer information about their work and welcome others to join them; they can also network with others who are working on different aspects of this broad challenge;

  4. all are welcome to explore their own creative response to this issue – whether to join an existing group, to find their own way to contribute, or simply to continue exploring.


Meet the Team

Jennifer Browdy


Jennifer is a writer and teacher aligning the personal, political and planetary through education and creative expression, especially the practice of purposeful memoir. Associate professor of comparative literature at Bard College at Simon’s Rock and co-founder of Green Fire Press, you can reach her at JenniferBrowdy.com .

Rosa Zubizarreta


Rosa has lived in the Berkshires since 2004. A collaboration consultant, coach, and teacher of advanced facilitation skills, she has been part of the Advisory Board for the Findhorn Conference since November of 2017. You can reach her at www.diapraxis.com .


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